made by Saadry Dunkel

SmartOffice Presentation

This program regroups a collection of automatized functions to help out with day-to-day activities and to create programs.

  • Portfolio of Enterprises / Clients / Employee / Debtors / Creditor
  • Opening and editing any kind of databases (local or server)
  • Drive Monitoring and explorer
  • Network Monitoring and reporting
  • Email Sender technology
  • Encryption and CryptoCypher RSA technology
  • Licence generator
  • Hosting Control Panel technology
  • Imaging Editing
  • Unit Converter (Science Units, distance, speed, etc…)
  • Video and Audio Recording FFMPEG technology
  • Backup Technology
  • Translation in 45 different languages of over 1’900 words and expression including accounting terminology)
  • Style design editor with 10 predefined style to change the presentation of your forms when you create a program so you can implement your brand identity.
  • World statistics (records of population growth from 1950-2050).
  • Zefix | Registry tools to find more clients faster in Geneva.

Imported Technology for this program

Technology inside Smart Office

World Statistics

Insight about the demographic evolution of countries from 1950-2050.

Image editing

Included an image editing program with simple functions.:

– Resizing

– Color adjustment

– Rotation

Time Tools

This is a timer object or chronometer presentation.

IT Web Resource Control Panel

Record and register your email and website account details.
The bar at the bottom provides a quick check about your network status. The bar at the top enables you to navigate through different domains you may own.

Database Provider Editor

This program has already prebuilt and configured Provider or Adapter to read databases but you can install or create your own. 

Already pre set :

  • Microsoft Access mdb
  • Microsoft Access accdb
  • Sql Server mdf
  • Oracle dbf
  • Microsoft Excel xls and xlsx
Connection String Builder

This tool enables one to create a connection string to connect to a Database locally or remotely.

Open DataBase

This object provides a simple way to point to a database and enter required authentication to link and open the defined database.

Data Tree

A Tree View Explorer to explore database schema.

You can check the type of the column or even create automatically a new table or column.