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Smart Coder


What are the advantages of using this program? 
  • From a practical point of view, I know that when I code it’s quite hard to keep the discipline of writing good documentation for your tools while also remembering what you are trying to build and where you are with your code.

With this program I no longer need to worry about this, it will do it for me but it will also generate a code for each object to know where to look for it with a summary table .

Features already working

12 Styles already integrated


The class will then inherits all of the statements components of the pointed class. You will then see these components in the Schema Tree of that class object.

The following is a preview of an Inheritance from the class Constante that inherits the Statement class object.

Schema Tree

The schema tree is linear with your code and will enable you to retrieve quickly the part of code that interests you. The code is separated into regions that are coded directly according to the nature of the statement.


Another feature will come in the future to also include the time of construction but regardless of your proficiency or your coding speed, this will calculate your production. You configure directly the unit price given your different projects.

PropertyGrid to manage it all

This property grid enables quick editing or modification of the current class object being used. From there you can modify your components quickly (to review) or correct any mistakes.

Prebuild functions to help for the part of the statement you must write.

Input Statement object

The Input Statement is the part where the user will fill in the statement. So for example, if you have a function like ToString(), this is where you will edit the statement body of the function, which you will need to write in 3 different languages simulatenously. 

To help you out this object has prebuild functions to construct your code such as :

  • Context Viewer
  • Select Case (from Context) Builder
  • And many more…
Context viewer

Avoid mistakes 

The Context viewer provides the user with a Schema tree of the reachable objects and their respective schemas so as to ensure that you formulate the name correctly when invoking a variable or method from another class object.

The Context viewer enables also you to visualize any object in another window.

The Context Viewer enables one to navigate within classes from the same project.

Datasbase Viewer

You can view schemas of multiple tables or databases directly in this program. Accepted formats are local (MS Access 2003/2022, MS Excel, Dbase File (.dbf), SQL Files (.mdf) ) or networked accessible databases of type SQL. 

When you have finished pointing to your desired database. The dialog box will generate the connection string and test it. If valid it will display the result in a TreeView enabling one to visualize the schema of the database.

Finally to facilitate the management of database constructors I have integrated preformatted variables already traduced for database management and formulations of basic standard queries.


Statement Editor Bar

Select Case Builder

In the case of known enumeration, you can use this tool to recall all of the members of your pointed enumeration to print directly a select case or switch case in C# in your statement directly formatted in the 3 languages.