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International Accounting

ACC 5810


Contents: The first (financial) part of the course will deal with the recognition, measurement, and reporting of a firm’s economic transactions. Students will be exposed to the framework of generally accepted accounting principles, both U.S. and international. The second (managerial) half of the course will focus on the use of accounting information to measure, analyze, and report economic events for internal decision-making purposes.

Financial Management

FIN 5813


Contents: This course provided an insight into financial institutions and an overview of financial management and the management of the flow of funds available to an organization. We learned about profit-seeking firms, much of what is learned has applicability for organizations in the not-for-profit and governmental sectors as well. The course will raise ethical issues where appropriate.

Leadership and TeamBuilding

MGT 5801


Contents: This course provided both the theoretical and practical conception of leadership. Case studies and debates towards the conception of what makes a good leader helped us to understand the right balance between goal-oriented versus team needs.

International Marketing

MKT 5814


Contents: This course focused is on profit-seeking firms, much of what is learned has applicability for organizations in the not-for-profit and governmental sectors as well. We conducted market research and were introduced to different marketing strategies. We explored Digital Marketing and social media analysis and publishing and pricing strategy.

Global Management

MGT 5816


Contents: Global Operations address the supply of goods and services in an international/global economy. The fundamental focus is on understanding the best way to match supply and demand at any organization. We describe marketing as the management of demand and operations as the management of supply. Operations managers need to carefully manage and direct resources such as capital, labor, technology, and information.

Lifetime Career Management

MGT 5832


Contents: Course to develop our employable skills. Through different approaches such as virtual scenarios and sometimes real interviews.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MGT 5837


Contents: This course explored the responsibility of modern corporations and the need for them to remains ethical. We discussed the financial but also the legal and environmental results of unethical behavior.

Global Operations

OPS 5824


Contents: Operations managers need to carefully manage and direct resources such as capital, labor, technology, and information. This is done in multinational environments with increasing pressure for ‘more, better, faster. Customer service, quality, and the use of appropriate technology are critical factors. Rapid and effective communications, including the Internet, produce more options and choices than ever for the consumer.

Global Strategy

STR 5822


Contents: This course focused on the craft, the opportunities, and the challenges of developing strategies in these roles. How do we best position and compete among significant uncertainty and ambiguity to maximize the value created and profits made in a sustainable way?

Consulting Methods

STR 5826


Contents: This course was intended to prepare us for the action project. We were introduced to various methods and strategies of consultancy. Using specific questions to obtain essential information to understand properly the demand of the client.

Technology Management

MGT 5835


Contents: Mostly oriented towards social technologies such as digital and media advertisement. We explored the web through virtual worlds such as life 2.0. The course was supported by case studies, regarding virtual rights, international and virtual legal systems; and virtual money such as cryptocurrencies.

Action Project

ADV 7825


Contents: We competed against 5 groups of students to provide an investment proposal in the industry of student housing to an enterprise. We were the 2nd choice of the enterprise.

Corporate Finance

FIN 6821


Contents: This class covers the heuristics and biases that plague most individual investors and to a lesser extent the professional money managers and corporate financial decision-makers. It also covers market imperfections that stem from the costs of arbitrage and agency and information problems. The implications for personal finance, asset pricing, and corporate finance are outlined and investment strategies will be designed to exploit these market imperfections.


ENT 6030


Contents: This course covers the effective financial and business techniques necessary for a successful business start-up. The course provides the essential tools and know-how you need to build a sturdy foundation for a profitable business. A practical road map is developed to guide the student from crafting a meaningful business plan to raising their business to the next level.

Private Equity

FIn 6765


Contents: This course will teach the mechanics of modeling and will attempt to equip participants with a general framework as well as “cookie-cutter” tools to help them perform various practical financial structuring and modeling tasks as done in most investment banks, private equity funds, and corporate finance departments.