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Open Source Package

We can setup Open Source System Package, such as CRM (Customer Relation Management) such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and many others; or LMS (Learning Management System). LMS is perfect to implement work space area or teaching interface. Mostly used by universities.

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Enterprise Ressource Planning

For business uses, implement a E-Commerce or a customers management platform (enables one to access invoices or important protected documents).

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We can audit your companies needs and advice you on how to use new technologies to give your company a possible competitive advantage. We can guide your choise to a host serveur depending on your needs. We are open to new requests as long as they are feasible.

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WorPress type website.

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Joomla Type Website

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A Drupal type Web site

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An E-Commerce interface

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10th Март 2016 No Comments

Разрешить программу с помощью MS DOS для работы с новыми компьютерами.

Описание: Совместимость системы Внедрение Многие компании часто сталкиваются с Дилема быть не в состоянии использовать 32 бита для программ с новыми компьютерами под управлением Windows 10. Их требования: Найти способ для запуска своих 32 бит программ, основанных с Windows 10. Они не хотели использовать виртуальную сеть или решение VMware. Наше решение: Мы искали компьютеров с […]

25th Февраль 2016 No Comments

Установка компьютера кассира

Description: Installation of a Cashier Computer The client had a spa and they wanted to buy a new cashier computer. They knew the program they wanted to use and their demands were very precised. Their demands : Computer small in size. Windows 10 needed to the program Laser Bar Code Scanner  Receipt printer Enabling internet access and […]

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