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This simple application has one simple aim, to determine using ping request, if the registered device is responding.

This is a free program but icons are not to be re-used.

You can download this free application which helps you to monitor your computer connectivity.

You can Download the program Network Analyser.

By downloading this program you agree with our terms and conditions and to use this program exclusively for academic insights. This program should not be used for commercial purposes. We decline all responsibility for other uses of this program.

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Programming in Vb.Net

Public Class Fichier

This class is very similar to the IO.System.FileInfo Class but will contain added features useful for database connections and/or database provider.

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  • Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0
  • Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0
  • SQL
  • Oracle DBF Files


To create a Fichier Class which can be used to store functions and properties. This Fichier Class is similar to the FileInfo Class but will include various sets of functions and properties for database query.

This class retrieves the file attributes and functions to manipulate or transform the file will be included.

Main Functions

– Open / Modify / Create / Copy / Cut and Manipulate a File

– Compress / Decompress / Encrypt / Decrypt the selected File

– Detect Attributes or Set new attributes.

This class records pre-set configuration needed in order to read :

  • SQL (*.mdf) Files
  • Access (*.accdb and *.mdb)
  • Excel (*.xls and *.xlsx)
  • Saadry (*.saadry)
  • Oracle (*.dbf)


Public Class Folder

This class is very similar to the IO.System.DirectoryInfo Class but contains added feature:

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  • Enumerate Directories
  • Calculate Directory Size
  • SearchOptions Features
  • Directories Manipulation


To create a Folder Class which can be used to store functions and properties, such as Directory manipulations and indexation.

This class records pre-set configuration needed in order to :

  • Display Files in a FileExplorer Form
  • Visualise information collected in a Listview Object or a DataGridView Object
  • Manipulates Files and data


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