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The company had a big challenge to face with its old IT infrastructure and its Core Services. The company was using an Accounting Program Suite originally designed for MS-DOS environment.

Incompatibility Issue:

Due to the fact that Microsoft is trying to impose Windows 64 bits Operating Systems, most Ms-Dos programs will no longer work because they normally run in a 16-bits environment. 

Unable to upgrade software:

The latter was a problem because we could not upgrade the operating system and we were still using old operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 98.


1) Selection of server

I choose a Server with 64 Gb of Ram in order to run the 12 virtual computers.

2) Convert Virtual Machines

Now that I have enough power to run 30 virtual machines on this server, I needed to convert the virtual machines with the same settings as their original computers.

3) Instead of changing all computers

In order to cut on expenses I tried to clean and upgrade hardware parts to upgrade manually their existing computers.

4) Created a Program in Vb.Net

Given the fact, that changing from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bits) version was not easy for the employee. 
Therefore, I have conceived a program which :

I ) Manages Virtual Machines (Start, Shutdown)

II) Direct users to their Virtual Machine

III) Monitors any Network or Physical anomaly and automatically fix it.

IV) Redirect MS-DOS printing documents to print on the employee’s new computer.

Installation of IT infrastructure.

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